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In order to help those seeking work at home jobs and work at home businesses from WorkAtHomeTruth get access to up to the minute much more quickly, we have put up this wiki.

The main categories mirror those of the regular work at home business categories found at WorkAtHomeTruth, but the wiki gives us more flexibility to easily update products and sites in a "review queue" before taking them live on the workathometruth site.

Our goal for people looking for work at home jobs is not only to point them to reliable resources, but also to get them to think for themselves. Unfortunately most people think telecommuting jobs just fall from the sky and don't realize the same amount of or more work goes into finding work at home jobs as goes into finding traditional jobs.

Our goal for people looking for work at home businesses is to help them self-fund their businesses as much as possible by giving them ideas on how to generate cash via task-based work or free techniques initially that they can then leverage into paid techniques, automated techniques, and outsourcing work.

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