Home Cash Success Review Of Sales Process

After going through the Home Cash Success sales process and reviewing various elements of it, I noticed a certain sloppiness about the whole thing. There is an asterisk listed on the second page of the HomeCashSuccess site that doesn't seem to reference anything at all.

The testimonials are stock photos and one of them references a person that doesn't seem to appear anybody else.

You can see my Home Cash Success Research on this page.

Since the site is being heavily promoted, I've set up a Home Cash Success Wiki here.

The site also appears to be using terms and conditions from another site that has been used by other dubious coaching program lead generation sites. I discussed that briefly at the Home Cash Success Scam Or Legit page here.

If you're on FaceBook and have experience with this progam, you can comment about it here.

If you're on Google Plus, you can provide your Home Cash Success experience here.

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