Little White Ebook

Little White eBook of homeshoring jobs hits the ground running.

While we've seen many books and membership sites that list virtual call center jobs, until now there has been no professionally designed and maintained directory of virtual call center jobs as detailed as the Little White eBook.

Little White eBook was developed by Capital Creative, Inc., a business consulting firm out of Washington, DC.

It's important to know this ebook is backed by a professional company, because it offers free updates for life. That's great, but often ebooks that offer free updates die a slow death. But because of the professionalism behind this book of homeshoring jobs, it's likely to be around, and continue to be updated for a very long time.

This is a welcome addition to the repertoire of resources available to telecommuters - especially ones that specialize in customer service and sales work by phone. Unfortunately at this time, the resources available on public sites such as and many of the better telecommuting websites are limited.

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