Rich Janitor debunked

I recently did a write-up at WorkAtHomeTruth showing significant problems with The Rich Janitor sales page here. In fact there are so many problems and red-flags that it's stunning to see that the site is currently the 4075th most popular site in the United States.

It's easy to see the problems when you compare The Rich Janitor site to The Rich Dishwasher site - and realize that the same person is behind both sites.

The Rich Janitor site claims to be about a person named "Mike Dougherty" who the site claims was a janitor who amazingly stumbled onto the secret of massive online wealth.

The Rich Dishwasher site claims to be about a person named Ignacio Delgado who came to the U.S. in 2006, worked as a dishwasher and amazingly stumbled on to the secret to massive online wealth.

I did a video you can watch here that makes everything very clear.

After watching that video hopefully you will also wonder how such a site has been able to fool so many people without getting caught.

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